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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are virtual tours really effective?

a: The short answer is yes. According to the National Association of Realtors®, "those properties with a virtual tour sell faster and at a higher price than those without a virtual tour." In today's electronic world, prospective buyers do much, if not most of their research on the web. Therefore, it is imperative to reach as many prospective buyers as possible which in turn helps you to be successful.


Q: Do I have to use a professional photographer?

a: No, however having said that, a well presented photograph shot by a professional goes a long way to help your prospective buyers view an image that is crisp, clear and displays those item(s) in the photograph that buyers want to see. The best and most efficient use of your time should be spent selling. A professional photographer will aid your efforts and allow you to do what you do best, sell! Your client will want to know that you have thought of every detail that will give him or her the best exposure. There is a vast difference between a snapshot and a well thought out professional image. There are several excellent real estate photographers in the Sarasota/Manatee area and I don't think you can go wrong with any of us. I am an inactive licensed Real Estate Sales Associate in Florida and believe I am uniquely qualified to photograph your property from the eye of a real estate professional.


Q: Are virtual tours only limited to the real estate professional?

a: No.....While I always recommend a Realtor®, homeowners who wish to sell their own property without the use of a real estate professional needs a virtual tour more than ever. Homeowners selling their own property are competing with Realtors® and therefore need to use the same tools to reach prospective buyers.


Q: Who else can use a virtual tour?

a: Anything that can be sold and viewed online from real estate property to boats, planes, estate sales and anything else that can be thought of that is sold can and should have a virtual tour. The true value of a virtual tour is that it is an electronic file that can be attached or sent anywhere to give you the best exposure possible. Builders and subcontractors who wish to show off their individual styles and construction techniques should always have a presentation ready to send to a prospective client. The possibilities are endless!!!!!

Q: How do I contact Virtual Tours of Sarasota, Inc. to become a team dedicated to achieving success?

a: Simple, visit my contact page to learn how to reach me so we can discuss what will help you succeed.


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