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Pricing & Services:

When considering a price strategy, I've discovered that pricing in itself is always a work in progress. Below you will find "basic" prices. We should always discuss and confirm what my responsibility is and the fee for my service to you. This way, there will never be a surprise at the end of a job. I pride myself in being very easy to work with and do not have many hard and fast rules.

This service includes a slideshow of the exterior, interior and nearby amenities when possible and posted to my website. A link is provided for you to attached the tour to the local MLS. A folder of pictures is sent to you electronically so you can post individual pictures to the MLS or use in whatever advertising you choose. For homes that are greater than 3000sf of living space, Basic Large Home Virtual Tour: $130.00

This service includes the Basic Virtual Tour plus syndication to Trulia and Zillow. When providing this package, I'll use a "Cloud" based software that provides a link that lasts for one year. A link to Realtor®.com can also be submitted for an additional charge. For homes that are greater than 3000sf of living space, Basic Large Home Virtual Tour Plus Syndication: $145.00

Although you are allowed to insert 25 pictures into a listing, many of you still only want or need about ½ of that amount. You tell me what you want, and I'll shoot it for you. Naturally, I'll send these pictures to you electronically so you can upload them to the MLS and use them for advertising purposes.

I’ll take your existing twelve (12) MLS images and make them better. Please click on the following .pdf to see how I can enhance the photographs you have submitted within your MLS listing. Basically, all I need are your original .jpg photographs and I’ll do the rest. When I’ve completed my task, I’ll return the enhanced pictures to you so you can replace your old images with a better representation:


The .pdf below is a small flyer that I created and is meant to be used as a handout at open houses or left on the counter for prospects to take with them after viewing your property. This is a one page handout folded in ½ and is designed to be printed on both sides using glossy 8½ x 11 paper. You'll notice that the .pdf file contains two pages. The 1st. page is the front and rear of the flyer and the 2nd. page is the interior of the flyer. Once I have finished the file and sent it to you, all you have to do is send it to your favorite print professional:


If you have a home that should be seen at dusk, this is for you for a small additional charge.

Occasionally a return trip is necessary and mandated by you. When this happens, a trip charge is asked for. Remember, it is your responsibility to be sure the home is "photography ready" and represents what you want to sell.

I will purchase a .info URL using your property address or other unique property identifier and attach your tour to the URL. The duration of the URL is one year and should be advertised on the sign outside the home. This way, anybody driving by with a smartphone, laptop or IPad can find the tour on the web. Also, when the tour is attached to the URL, the link can be sent anywhere and used for anything.

When considering a builder or subcontractor portfolio price, there are variables that need to be answered before a price can be submitted. Variables such as the number of visits, geographic location of the various homes, the number of homes to be photographed, what elements at the homesite need to be photographed in terms of time spent onsite and how much software time is required are but a few of questions that need to be answered before a price is given. For this reason, I have not listed a price and prefer to ask these questions first before I come up with a price that is fair for both of us.

This group covers a vast area and requires different amounts of time and therefore requires pricing "on the fly".

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